Saturday, November 17, 2012

Adventures with iDraw | Carly's Corner

Hi all! I'm Carly, the Bourn Lab TA. I'm a junior, I'm on the robotics team, and my favorite machine in the Bourn Lab right now is the Vinyl Cutter.

One of my first projects as TA was to create wood tracing figures for Ms. Shanks' design class so that they could focus less on drawing a realistic person and more on designing clothes. First, I scanned in pictures of models from a book. Then I imported those photos into iDraw and traced around the lines to cut them out.

iDraw is a powerful tool for the iPad. It's great for anything from doodling your name to accurately tracing a shape to cut out. In fact, I've since used iDraw to trace a horse cutout for clues for my ringer. Ms. Hurlbut's sixth grade art class is also using iDraw for a stamp project on an ancient culture. Yesterday, I went in and taught them how to trace objects, so that they can easily design and cut out their stamp pieces. Most of them loved it and I saw a few actually import flowers and begin tracing by the end of my 20-minute talk.

From iDraw, I then sent the .svg file to the laser cutter computer. I had designed the tracing so that some of the pieces, for example the hands, were not cut all the way through but rather rastered on top. I imported the file into CorrelDraw, the laser cutter program, and then watched as the laser cutter cut my pieces!

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